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Lebanon a Brief Survey


Republic of Lebanon, Capital Beirut


Lebanon is a small country of 10,452 sq km. From north to south, it extends 217 km and from east to west, it spans 80 km at its widest point. The country is bounded by Syria on both the north and east (over 375 Km) and by Palestine/Israel on the south (over 79 Km).


Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate characterized by a long, hot and dry summer, cool and rainy winter. Fall is a transitional season with a gradual lowering of temperature and little rain; spring occurs when the winter rains cause the vegetation to revive.


Lebanon was the homeland of the Phoenicians, a seafaring people that spread across the Mediterranean. After two centuries of Persian rule, Macedonian ruler Alexander the Great attacked and burned Tyre, the most prominent Phoenician city. Throughout the subsequent centuries leading up to recent times, the country became part of numerous succeeding empires, among them Egyptian Empire, Persian, Assyrian, Hellenistic, Roman, Eastern Roman, Arab, Seljuk, Mamluk, Crusader, and the Ottoman Empire. After World War II the French allied occupied Lebanon. Lebanon is an independent republic since 1943.  


The number of the population is around 4.2 millions and is subdivided as: Arab: 95%. Armenian: 4%. Others: 1%.


Arabic is the official language. English and French are widely used.


The President is elected by the parliament for a six-years term. The President and Parliament choose the Prime Minister. Executive power is exercised through a Council of Ministers appointed by the Prime Minister and approved by the parliament. The Government determines overall policy, appoints senior administrators and submits proposed legislation to Parliament.


The Legislative Branch consists of a single-chamber Parliament of 128 members. Members are elected for four year terms in regional ballots, with the number of members for each region determined on the basis of size and population of each region, subject to an overall number of members for each religious community.


Justice is administered by:

  • Four Courts of Cassation (Three courts for civil and commercial cases and one court for criminal cases).
  • Constitutional Council (Called for in Ta'if Accord - rules on constitutionality of laws).
  • Supreme Council (Against the president and prime minister as needed). back to top


The Banque du Liban was established in 1964. Banque du Liban is the sole custodian of public funds. It supervises and regulates the banking system and is vested by law with the exclusive authority of issuing the national currency. BDL's primary role is to safeguard the currency and promote monetary stability, thereby creating a favorable environment for economic and social progress. BDL also advises the Government on various economic and financial matters.


The Lebanese Pound is the currency of Lebanon. There are no exchange control restrictions. Currently the exchange rate is 1507, 5 LBP / 1 USD. back to top


There is no restriction for monetary transfers to or from Lebanon. In addition, there is no restriction for currencies transfers.  back to top


 Lebanon is a member of the Arab League since May 1945 and is also a member of many international organizations including:

  • The United Nations
  • World Trade Organization
  • World Bank
  • International Monetary Fund Lebanon hosts 59 embassies and 47 consulates as follows:
Embassies in Lebanon:

Embassy Name Location Telephone No
Algeria Beirut - Jnah 01-826712
Argentina Beirut - Achrafieh 01-210800/1
Armenia Beirut - Rabieh 04-402952
Australia Beirut - Centre Ville 01-974030
Austria Beirut - Achrafieh 01-217360
Belgium Beirut - Azarieh 01-976001 to 5
Brazil Beirut - Baabda 05-921255 to 7
Bulgaria Beirut - Hazmieh 05-452883
Canada Beirut - Jal El Dib 04-713900
Chile Beirut 04-418670
China Beirut - Ramlet El Baida 01-850314
Colombia Beirut - Jal El Dib 04-712646
Cuba Beirut - Hazmieh 05-459925
Cyprus Beirut - Achrafieh 01-326461
Czech Republic Beirut - Baabda 05-929010
Denmark Beirut - Down Town 01-991001 to 5
Egypt Beirut - Ramlet El Baida 01-867917
France Beirut - Ras Al Nabaa 01-420000
Gabon Beirut - Riad El Solh 05-924649
Germany Beirut - Riad El Solh 04-914444
Greece Beirut 04-418772
Holy see (Vacation City) Beirut - Jounieh 09-263102
Hungary Beirut - Fanar 01-898840
India Beirut - Hamra 01-373539
Indonesia Beirut - Baabda 05-924682
Iran Beirut 01-821224
Iraq Beirut 05-453209
Italy Beirut - Baabda 05-954955
Japan Beirut - Zokak El Blat 01-989751 to 3
Jordan Beirut - Baabda 05-922501
Kazakhstan Beirut 01-853053
Korea (Republic) Beirut - Baabda 05-953167
Kuwait Beirut - Bir Hassan 01-822515
Mexico Beirut 04-418870 to 2
Morocco Beirut - Bir Hassan 01-859851
Netherlands Beirut - Achrafieh 01-204663
Norway Beirut - Hamra 01-960000
Oman Beirut - Ramlet El Baida 01-856555
Pakistan Beirut - Rouche 01-863041
Paraguay Beirut
Philippines Beirut - Rouche 01-791082 to 4
Poland Beirut - Baabda 05-924881
Qatar Beirut - Shouran 01-804256 / 8
Romania Beirut - Baabda 05-924848
Russia Beirut - Mar Elias 01-300043/2/1
Saudi Arabia Beirut - Kraytem 01-860351
Spain Beirut - Hadath 05-464120
Sri Lanka Beirut - Baabda 05-924765
Sudan Beirut - Hamra 01-350057
Switzerland Beirut - Achrafieh 01-324129
Syria Beirut - Hamra 01-735849
Tunisia Beirut - Hazmieh 05-457431
Turkey Beirut - Rabieh 04-520929
Ukraine Beirut - Sin El Fil 01-510527
United Arab Emirates Beirut - Jnah 01-857000
United Kingdom Beirut - Zkak El Blat 01-990400
United State Beirut - Antelias 04-542600
Uruguay Beirut - Jounieh 09-636529
Venezuela Beirut - Zalka 01-888701
Yemen Beirut - Bir Hassan 01-852688    back to top

Consultant in Lebanon:

Consulate Name
Location Telephone Number
Austria Saida, Consulate Boulevard Nazih Bizri 07-753210
Azerbaijan Beirut, Consulate - Bourj Hammoud 01-482000
Bolivia Beirut, Consulate General - Dora 01-240711
Burkina Faso Beirut, Consulate 01-373375
Costa Rica Beirut, Consulate General - Hamra 01-343464
Croatia Beirut, Consulate - Achrafieh 01-219533
Cyprus Beirut, Consulate General - Starco 01-366192
Cyprus Saida, Consulate General - Verdun 07-803270
Denmark Tripoli, Lb, Consulate - El Mina 06-600074
Dominican Republic Beirut, Consulate  
Dominican Republic Tripoli, Consulate 06-431320
Ecuador Beirut, Consulate General - Hamra 01-353648
Estonia Beirut, Consulate - Rabieh 04-406939
Ethiopia Beirut, Consulate General - Sami Solh 09-225212
Finland Beirut, Consulate General - Badaro 01-396704
Guatemala Beirut, Consulate - Ras Beirut 01-340615
Guyana Beirut, Consulate - Achrafieh 01-202220
Hungary Saida, Consulate - Riad El Solh 07-722180
Iceland Beirut, Consulate General 01-698555
Indonesia Tripoli, Lb, Consulate 06-433913
Ireland Beirut, Consulate General - Verdun 01-863040
Italy Saida, Consulate - Haret Saida 07-222236
Italy Tripoli, Lb, Consulate - El Mina 06-601744
Jamaica Beirut, Consulate - Hamra 01-747244
Latvia Beirut, Consulate - Antelias 04-416410
Luxembourg Beirut, Consulate General -Achrafieh 01-200893
Maldives Beirut, Consulate - Hamra 01-746212
Malta Beirut, Consulate General - Achrafieh 01-322999
Mauritius Beirut, Consulate General 01-740700
Monaco Beirut, Consulate 01-995900
Mongolia Beirut, Consulate - Jal El Dib 04-711088
Montenegro Beirut, Consulate - Zouk Mikael 09-222314
Mozambique Beirut, Consulate - Dora 01-257700
Nepal Beirut, Consulate General - Badaro 01-386690
Oman Beirut, Consulate - Salim Salham 01-817683
Peru Beirut, Consulate - Achrafieh 01-329230
Portugal Beirut, Consulate - Achrafieh 01-200451
Romania Tripoli, Lb, Consulate General 06-600662
San Marino Beirut, Consulate General - Amchit 09-621955
Senegal Beirut, Consulate - Jounieh 09-900427
Seychelles Beirut, Consulate 01-680674
Singapore Beirut, Consulate General - Achrafieh 01-334335
Slovakia Beirut, Consulate General - Achrafieh 01-217217
Slovenia Beirut, Consulate - Jounieh 09-900003
Sweden Beirut, Consulate General - Sin El Fil 01-485489
United Kingdom Beirut, Consulate 04-723502
United Kingdom Tripoli, Lb, Consulate - Doar El Ein             04-431320            


The protection of the environment is an essential element in the country's economic and social development policies, hence Lebanon signed international agreements that include Biodiversity, Climate Change, Climate Change - Kyoto Protocol, Desertification, Hazardous Wastes, Laws of the Sea, Ozone Layer Protection, Ship Pollution, Wetlands, Environmental Modification, and Marine Life Conservation. back to top


Lebanon is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in winter & three hours ahead in summer time.
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